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New Zealand

New Zealand is an island situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with about 4.4 million citizens. It is only .5% of the global population. It is a highly developed country in terms of education, employment, economy, etc. New Zealand is also one of the beautiful countries on the globe. Every year a large number of students go to New Zealand for studies because of its facilities and offers it provides. It also provides a post-study work visa to its international students.

  • Capital: Wellington
  • Currency: Dollar
  • Population:  49.2 lakhs |2019 Estimate|
  • Largest City: Hawke’s Bay
  • National Language: English
  • Area: 268,021 km²

Why Study in New Zealand?

1. New Zealand Education System

There are a lot of benefits of studying in New Zealand whether it is the great quality education or their culture. New Zealand education system provides systematic teaching approach to provide good quality of education. Frequent admission intakes are provided in new Zealand for different universities. Some universities in New Zealand were ranked in top 400 universities in the world.

2. Employment opportunities

Since new Zealand education system is internationally recognised, the student career is more likely to be very successful. New Zealand government offers post study work visa to its international students which gives all the international students to come and study in New Zealand. Permanent residence have great possibilities in New zealand.

3. Lifestyle in New Zealand

New Zealand is a very safe country with very good and friendly nature people who treat international students very friendly. It offers a great lifestyle having both natural and modernised sites and culture. It is currently the third most beautiful country in the world following canada while Scotland being the first.

4. Cost of Study in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand is comparatively very cheaper than other bigger nations. The tuition fee in New Zealand ranges from approx NZ$ 15000 to NZ$ 23000 per year i.e. about 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs. Living is also very economical in New Zealand which ranges from around NZ$15000.

5. Why study in New Zealand for Indian students?

New Zealand is one of those nations who provide 1 year of Post study work visa . It is very useful for international students as it will provide them international exposure. The visa processing has also become very quick and easy under the FTS i.e Funds transfer scheme.

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